swaransinghAfter initially training as a surgeon in New Delhi Prof Singh became a psychiatrist in India and moved to UK in 1991. As lecturer & consultant at Nottingham, he conducted research on first-episode psychosis & ethnic influences in mental health.

He spent 5 years at St George’s University of London as senior lecturer developing ETHOS early intervention service. In 2006, he joined Warwick University as Professor of Social & Community Psychiatry & consultant psychiatrist for the East Birmingham Early Intervention Service.

He currently heads the Division of Mental Health & Wellbeing at Warwick University and is also a Commissioner for Equality & Human Rights Commission, UK. He has published extensively on culture & ethnicity in mental health, onset & outcomes of early psychosis, early intervention services, transition from child to adult care, mental health law & medical education.  His eternal struggle is between being focussed and productive and wasting time on idle speculation and meaningless meandering. When he can, he enjoys literature, poetry, theatre, blues, jazz, cricket, gardening and fishing. One day he will write a book on the meaning of life.