Liz BurgatHaving launched her professional career after completing an undergraduate Bachelor Degree in Applied Science as an Occupational Therapist, Liz’s studies then progressed to a Graduate Diploma in Organisational Behaviour, an Executive MBA and more recently a Board of Directors Course. Liz has worked in the Mental Health field across a range of settings; primary care, community, clinical services and juvenile justice.

Spanning over 30 years, Liz’s career experience has progressed from clinical to management positions within the public health systems in Victoria, WA and England. Liz has also worked in national private health care and within the community service sector including disability, out of home care, homelessness and aged care.

A consistent theme throughout Liz’s career has been that of a desire to build effective teams, strengthen community partnerships, advocacy and youth and family participation in order to make a difference in the mental health field, reduce stigma and improve early intervention. Having contributed to the national establishment and expansion of headspace Centres over 5 years, the last 2 years have been with Orgyen’s Executive team as Director of Clinical Programs team contributing to the organisations strategy, development and leadership including translation in practice across four headspace Centres in Melbourne. This has further strengthened Liz’s desire and has provided an exciting opportunity to contribute to systemic service reform and strive for better outcomes for our youth.