LisaButterlybiopicLisa Butterly is a historian by profession and an advocate by nature. As a young person, Lisa hoped that educational achievement would be a route to recovery from the effects of illness and service involvement, which proved correct. In time, lived experience, recovery and academic interests merged.

In 2014, she was awarded a PhD for an extensive study of institutional reform in mental healthcare since the eighteenth century. Lisa also holds an MA in the History of Art and Architecture and a BA in History and Medieval Irish/Celtic Studies. She is currently taking time to prepare a number of volumes for publication in the field of study.

Lisa is also an artist. She has participated in group exhibitions and staged her first solo exhibition in 2016. Her artwork appeared in the first RTE documentary exploring Irish outsider art in October 2015. The same year, she reached a wide audience as a result of her artwork through the Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy. Lisa’s art explores the voice of the Other in society, in particular, the alienation created by technology and the unrelenting sameness generated by social networking and global connectivity. Lisa believes that art offers a way to communicate issues with mental health, particularly for creative individuals.

On the one hand, Lisa’s interest in youth mental health is informed by personal experience and passion. On the other hand, she has an expectation that the reform of services will be based on rigorous investigation and research into key issues affecting the mental health of young people. As such, Lisa is a rational egalitarian. She admires the idealism of equality and equal access to services yet is rational in her communication of how to achieve such equality in mental health, particularly for young people.