Making New Connections, Renewing Old Ones & Learning Heaps at IAYMH

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stephenwoodMy first experience with the International Association of Youth Mental Health was attending the conference in Brighton in 2013. I’d been invited to give a plenary address about brain development in adolescence which was very exciting for me; the event itself was unlike all other conferences I had been to, with the involvement of young people and charities front and centre. There was a great range of presentations and speakers, and I am very much looking forward to the 2017 conference in Dublin, which is only a matter of weeks away.

Although I was already involved in youth mental health research back in 2013, that conference certainly galvanised my efforts. There is massive unmet need in youth mental health, poor understanding of the causes, and real problem with stigma and discrimination. The IAYMH conference is a way to continue to address these issues – it brings together research experts with young people affected by mental ill health, and links clinicians to charities looking to support early intervention. I’m looking forward to making new connections, renewing old ones, and learning heaps.

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Professor Stephen Wood
Head, Clinical & Translational Neuroscience
Associate Director, Research