IAYMH: A great opportunity to learn from young people passionate about youth mental health!

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RikkiBattersby500pxIt’s been an honour to be one of the youth co-convenors for my first IAYMH conference – an experience I won’t forget. In the lead up to the conference I’ve had the privilege of working alongside some incredibly talented and fiercely strong advocates for young people in mental health. A sentiment seen throughout the conference programme.

But it also reminds me that not all young people have access to services with the same dedicated and passionate people. As a young person, it’s important that the people that work with us- as researchers and clinicians- have access to the latest research and knowledge in youth mental health to use with the young people they work with.

This year’s IAYMH programme has an abundance of new and exciting work coming out of the sector, including work from young people themselves. Because young people are the focus of everything we do at IAYMH, at this year’s conference young people are among those presenting on their work so you can hear what’s important to them, and what they want to see change in youth mental health. With over 40 young people attending the conference on IAYMH and sponsor organisation bursaries, the conference is a great opportunity to meet and learn from young people passionate about youth mental health.

We look forward to welcoming you in Dublin!

Rikki Battersby
Youth Co-convenor